5 Tips for an Adoption-Related Search

A few months ago, I wrote about the DNA Quest program for adoption-related DNA searches going on at MyHeritage. They have closed the program to new enrollees at this time but may open again in the future as additional resources become available. Here's a guest post I wrote for their blog with my five top tips for an adoption-related search. You might be surprised that some of them are DNA-related and some are not!

(condensed for this post; link to full version below)

(condensed for this post; link to full version below)

  1. Cast a wide net

  2. Prepare for the unexpected

  3. Explore all your options for matching

  4. Identify people and resources to support you along the way

  5. Seek out an adoption-competent counselor

Read more details about each of these tips here on the MyHeritage blog!