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Brianne Kirkpatrick Quoted in WebMD Magazine Articles on At Home DNA Testing

Brianne Kirkpatrick Quoted in WebMD Magazine Articles on At Home DNA Testing

I recently spoke with Sonya Collins who writes for WebMD Magazine. I shared my thoughts and advice on at home DNA tests based on years of both personal and professional experience, and I was pleased to see TWO articles come from it!

Please read, especially the second article! It will equip you to be a savvy chooser of a DNA tests you might purchase online and you can find more detailed advice than what made it into the article HERE.

What DNA Testing Can't Tell You: a guest post on Family Tree's website

I recently wrote a post for Family Tree Magazine’s website called “What DNA Testing Can’t Tell You” in which I focus on things the test itself can’t tell you, like how you’ll react to your results or how to reach out to a surprise relative if you find one.

National Society of Genetic Counselors posts leaders' experience with ancestry testing for Hispanic Heritage Month

Two lovely genetic counselors and leaders within the National Society of Genetic Counselors paired up to experience and write about having ancestry testing to learn more about their Hispanic roots. As NSGC’s Ancestry Expert, I was invited along to provide commentary. The post went up recently, just in time to recognize Hispanic Heritage month. Check it out!

Megyn Kelly Today Shows covers "DNA Shocks"

Megyn Kelly Today Shows covers "DNA Shocks"

Megyn Kelly is a host on NBC who covers a lot of DNA topics on her weekday talk show, Megyn Kelly Today. Last week, she invited myself and a few other guests to talk about either personal or professional experiences related to DNA shocks or surprises. If you missed it, you can view the three segments below.

Brianne's interview with Fisher of the Extreme Genes podcast about DNA surprises

Brianne's interview with Fisher of the Extreme Genes podcast about DNA surprises

It was a pleasure to speak with Scott Fisher of the Extreme Genes podcast! We discussed family DNA surprises that people are finding out about when they use at-home testing. Scott invited me on to talk about this as this is a subject close to him -- he once had to share the shocking news with a friend that her DNA results suggested the father who raised her was not her biological father. 

Check out episode 249 to hear our discussion and understand more about how Watershed DNA came to be and how I help people who have gotten DNA surprises after an at-home test. 

GEDmatch, raw data, and solving violent crimes with genetic genealogy

Kendra Nichols from abc27 News interviewed me about DNA testing, and we chatted a bit about the fine print you agree to when you submit a DNA sample to a consumer testing company.

Although it isn't named in the short news segment, a voluntary site created for genealogists called GEDmatch is the site law enforcement and others are using to solve crimes. Solving crimes has included finding suspected perpetrators and identifying victims (in other words, re-identifying deceased persons whose bodies were found and that police were previously unable to identify; these are referred to as John and Jane Doe cases).

5 Tips for an Adoption-Related Search

A few months ago, I wrote about the DNA Quest program for adoption-related DNA searches going on at MyHeritage. They have closed the program to new enrollees at this time but may open again in the future as additional resources become available. Here's a guest post I wrote for their blog with my five top tips for an adoption-related search. You might be surprised that some of them are DNA-related and some are not!

(condensed for this post; link to full version below)

(condensed for this post; link to full version below)

  1. Cast a wide net

  2. Prepare for the unexpected

  3. Explore all your options for matching

  4. Identify people and resources to support you along the way

  5. Seek out an adoption-competent counselor

Read more details about each of these tips here on the MyHeritage blog!

Newsreporter shares DNA journey on ABC27 news

Kendra Nichols is a news reporter for ABC27 news, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

She recently decided to go on a DNA journey, given the limited information she knew about her birth father who was not a part of her life growing up.

I sat down with Kendra the day she swabbed her cheek to talk about a DIY genetic test and to help her prepare for the journey.

Click here to see what Kendra learned about the process, and the risks to be aware of before you sign over your DNA. 

If the link above does not work, try pasting this URL into your browser:

What's in Valerie's DNA?

(Click on hyperlink in text below to view the video!)

(Click on hyperlink in text below to view the video!)

Valerie Pritchett is a newscaster for ABC27 News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Valerie recently reached out to me for help understanding her 23andMe ancestry results. It was great fun! See what surprises Valerie learned and understand a little bit of the background behind her motivation to test. Off-screen, we discussed other things, like the traits and health information that 23andMe reports can provide, and how genealogical research can complement DNA testing when exploring your results for ancestry purposes.

Do you have questions about consumer DNA tests like 23andMe or I work one-on-one with individuals who have questions before or after DNA testing, whether their goals center on genealogy or health. I also provide services after testing, by clarifying results, supporting clients with the unexpected surprises that sometimes come with DNA testing, and connecting clients with the resources they need.

Reach out through the "contact me" button if you're interested in my services! I'd love to work with you to get your questions answered.


Trail Living's small business owner of the month

Brianne is highlighted in the August issue of a local magazine, Trail Living, as the small business owner of the month. In the article, Brianne talks about why she started Watershed DNA and the challenges and rewards of small business ownership for achieving satisfaction in family life and career. No online link is currently available but will be added in the future if possible.

Genealogy and Genomics Take Their Vows

Read Brianne's guest blog post at DNA Digest today! This latest piece titled Genealogy and Genomics Take Their Vows includes a summary of genomics research projects engaging different aspects of genealogical discovery. This was written for the crowd already involved in genomics research, so there may be some lingo new to many readers new to the DNA journey.


Watershed DNA founder and client featured in June 2016 issue of Dr Oz The Good Life magazine

The story of a Watershed DNA client who sought out genetic counseling services after a home DNA test was highlighted in a six-page article in "Dr. Oz The Good Life" magazine (the June 2016 "popcorn" issue). Find the periodical on newsstands now, and learn more about the pros and cons of testing and using third party sites for analyzing your own DNA.  Other topics covered include "SNPs" and what you should consider about insurance coverage before ordering a DNA test.

Flip to page 50 next time you're line at the grocery checkout!

Flip to page 50 next time you're line at the grocery checkout!