Books & Things book seller carries The DNA Guide for Adoptees

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Books & Things is a book seller for all things genealogy, and we are pleased to announce they now carry The DNA Guide for Adoptees! You can find it for sale in their online book store and also in stock at their on-site book sales at upcoming genealogy conferences. The first conference will be the IHGR Conference in Athens, Georgia, from July 8th thru the 27th, 2019.

Whether you are a fan of supporting small book sellers over the Big Guys like Amazon, or simply want to order a set of genealogy-related books all in one order, Books & Things is the place for you. Check out to order your copy of The DNA Guide for Adoptees.

The book has received some great reviews already, like this one by Severance Magazine and a few others we’ve posted to the book website. We’ve even had some reviews come across Twitter, like this one, which demonstrate the wider audience beyond adoptees. Anyone with an interest in undertaking a family search or with curiosity about how it is done will benefit.

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