The DNA Guide for Adoptees: new book offers information and guidance for adoptive parents as well

The book "The DNA Guide for Adoptees" currently available on Amazon for Kindle preorders is nearing publication! On May 30th, readers can find it on Kindle and in print in a paperback version. My co-author Shannon and I are busily preparing to be ready for reader questions and comments and are planning genealogy and genetics conference booth appearances in the summer and fall.

I’ve had many conversations about DNA testing with adoptive parents in the past, so we included a “bonus” chapter at the end that specifically addresses the questions and concerns of adoptive parents. Other sections of the book - ones that address the topics of ethnicity testing, international adoptee searches, and medical information, for example - will be of additional help to adoptive parents.

If you are an adoptive parent, consider reading The DNA Guide for Adoptees.

I'll be happy to work with you at any point via telephone or video chat. The book will give you a solid foundation to understand the various uses of DNA testing and make good use of your time during our conversation.

Every child and every family’s needs are unique. I aim to focus on you and your family and offer support and specific answers you are looking for!

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