Megyn Kelly Today Shows covers "DNA Shocks"


Megyn Kelly is a television host on NBC who covers a lot of DNA topics on her weekday talk show, Megyn Kelly Today. Last week, she invited myself and a few other guests to talk about either personal or professional experiences related to DNA shocks or surprises. If you missed it, you can view the three segments below. I was included in the expert segment at the end, along with family clinical psychologist Jen Hartstein. I didn’t get nearly enough time to cover everything I felt important for viewers to hear, so you can check out the August 26th, 2018 episode I recently recorded with Fisher of Extreme Genes podcast to hear a little more depth on the topic.

Woman’s DNA test revealed a shocking family secret

When Catherine St. Clair’s four older siblings gifted her an at-home DNA test in 2016, she discovered the man who raised her was not her biological father. St. Clair joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to share her story and how she founded a support group, the NPE Friends Fellowship, for others in similar situations.


DNA test reveals man is not related to beloved grandparents

In summer 2016, Steven King used an ancestry website to discover that he wasn’t biologically related to his grandparents, whom he admired so much, because his father was adopted. King joins Catherine St. Clair, a woman who also experienced an identity crisis after getting DNA test results, on Megyn Kelly TODAY to share his story. “You are a complete stranger to yourself,” said King.


How to handle shocking DNA test results, according to experts

Genetic counselor Brianne Kirkpatrick and family psychologist Jennifer Hartstein join Megyn Kelly TODAY to describe how families should deal with shocking news exposed from DNA test results. They also share ways to learn more about your medical history while avoiding genetic history.


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