Recent coverage of DNA surprise support groups by major media outlets

The news of just how many people receive surprises about their family matching from DNA tests is spreading.

As a genetic counselor and genealogy enthusiast, I saw this coming years ago (2014) when the first people began finding their way to me in search of support and information.

In anticipation of the growth, I’ve accumulated many resources and posted them freely on my website, I’ve posted the stories of those who have been through these experiences as guest blog posts, and started and administer secret support groups on Facebook.

Recently, some major media outlets have covered stories, and a few reached out to me for my thoughts and insight.

You can read the article in the Wall Street Journal here.

There’s also one in the Boston Globe here.

Some other coverage includes the Megyn Kelly Today Show last fall. I didn’t get the chance to talk about support groups or other resources available for those who find themselves in a tricky situation, which is still a regret I carry. Wish I could have had more time to let people know there is help and support (from myself and other places) if they need to figure out how to share difficult news with someone.

I’m glad that media is covering this often-ignored side-effect of the rise of consumer DNA testing.

Hopefully, the DNA testing companies themselves will begin to help people find their way to additional support.

I hope you’ll help by spreading the message as well.