Carrier Screening

Why you should take a peek at your 23andMe health reports

If you ordered a 23andMe test that includes the FDA-approved health reports, and you haven't opened them up to look yet, you need to. Here's why!

1. Looking at the results will not "curse" you. This sounds silly but it is something I have heard people say. What's there is there, and the act of opening a report will not change this. Knowledge is power! Let the reports begin to empower you with your health information.

2. The reports do not diagnose you with medical conditions. 23andMe's FDA-approved reports tell you about being a "carrier" for a limited list of recessive conditions. These are conditions your children may develop if you and partner are both carriers. It is not a complete test of all carrier conditions (a clinical test is need for full screening), but it's a partial list of some of the more common genetic variants.

3. If you are found to be a carrier of a condition on 23andMe's current list (and many people are), this information is important for you AND your family members. If you're a carrier, so too may be your children, your siblings, your nieces, nephews, cousins, and other relatives. Knowing if a recessive condition is passing through a family helps potential parents get early information.  Infants benefit from early diagnosis, support, and care. Parents benefit from knowing early, allowing them to plan prior to conceiving a pregnancy or to help their child receive a diagnosis and benefit from services and medical care right away.

For support before or after 23andMe testing, reach out to Brianne at Watershed DNA.