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Confidential online support groups for DNA surprises

I started a few secret support groups that were discussed here in an article by Sarah Zhang, writer for The Atlantic. I originally started these groups for a friend and some clients who expressed a desire for support and understanding from others who who had been in their shoes before. Since then, the groups have grown to include people who have heard about the group via word of mouth, past blog posts, and interviews I've given in which I've discussed them.

Brianne's interview with Fisher of the Extreme Genes podcast about DNA surprises

Brianne's interview with Fisher of the Extreme Genes podcast about DNA surprises

It was a pleasure to speak with Scott Fisher of the Extreme Genes podcast! We discussed family DNA surprises that people are finding out about when they use at-home testing. Scott invited me on to talk about this as this is a subject close to him -- he once had to share the shocking news with a friend that her DNA results suggested the father who raised her was not her biological father. 

Check out episode 249 to hear our discussion and understand more about how Watershed DNA came to be and how I help people who have gotten DNA surprises after an at-home test. 

A new year, a new resources section on WatershedDNA.com!

It's a new year, and it's a new resources section for the Watershed DNA website!

Here's what part of the new section looks like.

Here's what part of the new section looks like.

I've refreshed my resources list, fixed links, added a search box, and reorganized my list of free resources to help you find your way to more information on the DNA topics of interest to you.

Sections at this time include general, ancestry, health, adoption, and donor conception. 

Check back again in the future, as I'll be updating sections and resources over time.

Also feel free to send suggestions my way if you've found a particularly helpful online resource that you think more people should know about. 

Link to the Resources section here!

- Brianne

Newsreporter shares DNA journey on ABC27 news

Kendra Nichols is a news reporter for ABC27 news, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

She recently decided to go on a DNA journey, given the limited information she knew about her birth father who was not a part of her life growing up.

I sat down with Kendra the day she swabbed her cheek to talk about a DIY genetic test and to help her prepare for the journey.

Click here to see what Kendra learned about the process, and the risks to be aware of before you sign over your DNA. 

If the link above does not work, try pasting this URL into your browser: http://abc27.com/2017/07/13/what-to-know-about-dna-testing-kits/

Trail Living's small business owner of the month

Brianne is highlighted in the August issue of a local magazine, Trail Living, as the small business owner of the month. In the article, Brianne talks about why she started Watershed DNA and the challenges and rewards of small business ownership for achieving satisfaction in family life and career. No online link is currently available but will be added in the future if possible.