Available: Presentations to Your Group Via Webinar

Do you know or belong to a group who might like to have a certified genetic counselor speak about 23andMe or another particular topic related to at-home genetic testing? I have a part-time private practice specializing in at-home testing and am available to give this type of live video chat to your group.

A new year, a new resources section on WatershedDNA.com!

It's a new year, and it's a new resources section for the Watershed DNA website!

Here's what part of the new section looks like.

Here's what part of the new section looks like.

I've refreshed my resources list, fixed links, added a search box, and reorganized my list of free resources to help you find your way to more information on the DNA topics of interest to you.

Sections at this time include general, ancestry, health, adoption, and donor conception. 

Check back again in the future, as I'll be updating sections and resources over time.

Also feel free to send suggestions my way if you've found a particularly helpful online resource that you think more people should know about. 

Link to the Resources section here!

- Brianne

Watershed DNA founder to present second summer webinar to genetic counselors

On the heels of one webinar for genetic counselors, updating the profession on the status of "direct-to-consumer" genetic tests, Brianne is busy prepping for another. Members of the National Society of Genetic Counselors will be able to tune in on July 20th, 2016 to learn about Brianne's decision to launch Watershed DNA, and also about the businesses of two other genetic counselors who have also chosen an entrepreneurial path. Will this uncommon choice for the small but burgeoning profession of genetic counseling become more common? Only time will tell. 

Here's a sneak peek into Brianne's bookshelf...

NSGC members, check nsgc.org for more information about the July 20th webinar.