Starting a blog helped Stacey cope with her DNA Surprise

Starting a blog helped Stacey cope with her DNA Surprise

Blogging to Cope with My DNA Surprise: Stacey’s Story

A couple of weeks after my 41st birthday, my world as I knew it changed forever.  It’s a story we’ve now all heard: a DNA sample submitted to an ancestry website revealed unexpected biological data.  After asking my parents about it, they finally revealed that the man who raised me was not my biological father. I had so many questions - who was my biological father? Why did they lie? How could they keep it from me for so long?  Who knew?

Taking a temporary blogging hiatus to celebrate a new family member

Hello, readers! I am so glad to see more of you visiting my blog and the Watershed DNA blog readership as a whole growing with each new post. I wanted to let you all know I'll be taking a hiatus from posting for a few months to focus on the addition of our new baby. By summertime, I hope to be back at the keyboard and already have some new post ideas in mind for when I return.

If you are a new reader, maybe you'd like to go back and review some of my past posts. I recently added a search box to the bottom of the page to make it easier to search the blog history based on topic. Scroll down to the bottom and try searching for terms of interest to you. I've tagged posts using these terms in the past:

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Best wishes for the rest of the winter and blessings for a mild springtime!

6 Tips for Giving a DNA Kit as a Gift - guest blog post

Should you give someone a DNA test as a present? I shared my thoughts with the family health tool website, TapGenes, with my thoughts on this. 

Before you give a DNA kit to someone as a gift, read my six tips here on the TapGenes blog.

TapGenes is a site making family medical history easier to collect and share with family. I love how easy it is for someone to enter family members into their tree and add health details. Check it out!


Genealogy and Genomics Take Their Vows

Read Brianne's guest blog post at DNA Digest today! This latest piece titled Genealogy and Genomics Take Their Vows includes a summary of genomics research projects engaging different aspects of genealogical discovery. This was written for the crowd already involved in genomics research, so there may be some lingo new to many readers new to the DNA journey.