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Base Pair Richard and Andy

Base Pair Richard and Andy

My next Base Pair is one of the most fun couples I’ve dined with while on the road for work/at genetics conferences. William A. Faucett (who goes by Andy) and his husband Richard Fogaley are partners in life, and for many years, they also were partners at work.

Here are some fun facts about my connections to this Base Pair: Andy was my boss when I was employed at Geisinger as part of the NIH ClinGen project (Poor Andy! I can’t imagine trying to manage me!). And I once wrote and performed a ukulele song about Richard at a company holiday party.

Oh, the stories I could tell from those two short years at Geisinger. They were tough, they were memorable, and they created some (hopefully) lifelong friendships that I maintain with other Geisinger colleagues to this day, these two and more.

Meet the next Base Pair, Andy and Richard. I feel lucky to know them! Feel free to post them a message of well-wishes in the comments box below as they prepare for new adventures in 2020!