How to tell if an online DNA test is legitimate 

How to tell if an online DNA test is legitimate 

There are many varieties of DNA testing, some that are extensive scans of your DNA and some that provide focused or partial information. You can test for information about ethnicity, you can search for genetic relatives by matching their DNA, or you can search for information with medical significance. Some of the options you can only have through a medical provider, and others you can order for yourself directly over the Internet.

It’s hard to know who to trust, especially if you find them on the Internet and order the test for yourself. As a person who has taken many of these tests and a licensed and certified genetic counselor who works with people who test, I’ll explore the benefits and limitations of these testing options next.  

DNA Testing: Considerations Before You Test

If you’ve seen a television commercial about DNA testing and thought about ordering a kit for yourself, you aren’t alone. DNA tests, once confined to paternity courts, forensics labs, and medical clinics, are now available for purchase at the drug store or online. The number of tests climbs by the year along with the uses.

Raw Data: What is it?

You know that phrase "No moss grows on a rolling stone"? I think the world of consumer genomics is best considered as the rolling stone that will never find an end.

Much has happened in the consumer genomics world in the past 8 months since I published a video on YouTube to explain "raw data" and its uses, benefits, and limitations.

It could use some updating, but the basic messages are unchanged: 

1) You can get more than you bargained for when you hunt through your raw data.

2) You might go through a period of confusion before you have a sense of clarity again.

3) You can contribute your information to research and help future generations.

4) No two people will have the same experiences or emotional reactions to downloading, uploading, and uncovering information from a raw data file.  

5) I am here as a resource.

Before you take your raw data out of your ancestry testing account, please consider stopping and watching this video: "DNA Raw Data: What is it?"

Reach out for a one-time consultation with me, before you make the download or after you've used a tool to sort through your raw data and have gotten back a report. I don't mind chasing a rolling stone with you! It makes for an interesting and enlightening journey, for sure.