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How to enroll in "All of Us"

I received a great question through my website today: "How can I enroll in All of Us?"

If you're interested, visit this site: and sign up for more details by clicking the "join now” button.

The project is in "beta testing" with 2,500 participants across 50 sites, to get the system up and running. According to this recent Genome Web article, the project will be opening to additional participants in spring 2018.

If you sign up now, expect to receive update emails that will give you more information over time. The All of Us website and Twitter are how I receive my updates, so I don't have any tips or insider info to share. 

Will signing up now lead to an earlier chance at enrollment? Not sure. But if you like to line up early for the best seat in the house, or generally live your life as the early bird going after the worms, I guess there's no harm in trying!