unexpected results

Support group on Facebook for those who have gotten family surprises

The TV commercials about family member reunification enabled by DNA testing show the bright and sunny side of surprise family discoveries. Most - but not all - people eventually find the silver lining in a DNA surprise. For some, it can be a long, confusing, or difficult journey to get there.

For the better part of a year, I have run a Facebook group for individuals who discover an unexpected close relative through DNA testing - and for those who discover that a genetic relationship that is supposed to exist between two people does not. 


The group is "secret" on Facebook, meaning that members have to be individually approved to be added to the group, and only those who are a part of the group can see who else is in it. No one in your Facebook network will see if you belong. It is a safe place for sharing stories, resources, and camaraderie with others who have been in the same boat.

Know someone who could benefit from this support group, or perhaps from a private consultation about their test results? Send them to this post and encourage them to reach out to me through www.watersheddna.com/contact. To join the support group, private message (PM) me through Facebook.