The DNA Guide for Adoptees - #1 New Release in Genetics on Amazon

The DNA Guide for Adoptees Kindle Cover RGB.jpg

Exciting news today as The DNA Guide for Adoptees is #1 for new release in Genetics on Amazon. I’m looking forward to the information and support falling into people’s hands whether their preference is paperback or Kindle.

The book covers a lot of ground and is divided into four sections:

  • Getting Started

  • Bringing Science and Research Together through Genetic Genealogy

  • What to Do After the DNA Testing is Done

  • DNA Tests and the Search for Health Information

There are special chapters sprinkled throughout the book that cover topics for adoptive parents, the DNA pattern of ‘high ROH’ (which I have covered in past blog posts), and how to find and work with a Certified Genetic Counselor. Although much of the information is US adoptee-centric, those born and adopted outside of the US will benefit from many sections.

I talked about the book which I coauthored with my friend Shannon Combs-Bennett on Laura Hercher’s podcast The Beagle Has Landed. I will be talking more about my work and the book in more depth on an episode of DNA Today coming out on June 7th.

I hope you enjoy reading The DNA Guide for Adoptees and share with your friends and family!