The NIH "All of Us" Project

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to participate on a panel at a workshop for the "All of Us" project. This NIH project (formerly referred to as the Precision Medicine Initiative) is in its early planning stages and aims to engage a million Americans from diverse ethnic backgrounds in large-scale genomics research.

The workshop was live-streamed and recordings are available for public viewing here: The panel I participated on focused on "non-clinical" DNA results (the DNA findings that aren't directly health related, like ancestry). My presentation shows up around 4:34:59. AncestryDNA's CEO Ken Chahine spoke immediately before me and had some astounding information about the projected growth of their DNA database. There may be 5 million testers in their database by the end of 2017!   

The group of researchers moving the "All of Us" project forward are hard-working experts in their given fields, all with a common goal of making genomic discoveries available to and applicable to all. I can't wait to watch this project develop and hope I get the chance to participate once recruitment begins.