Available: Presentations to Your Group Via Webinar

Do you know or belong to a group who might like to have a certified genetic counselor speak about 23andMe or another particular topic related to at-home genetic testing? I have a part-time private practice specializing in at-home testing and am available to give this type of live video chat to your group.

Since I'm independent from all the testing companies, I can give you candid answers about the various tests on the market. My years of experiences working with people who have tested and passion speaking on this topic help make the discussion relevant to your group.

Here are just a few examples of talks that can be customized for your group:

Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing: How does it work and what can it tell me?

DNA Ancestry Testing: Understanding Your Options

DNA Raw Data and Third-Party Tools: Their Power, Their Limits, and Things You Must Know

Bridging At-home Testing and the Clinic

One women's group approached me about a year ago to ask if I'd present a webinar to their discussion group about 23andMe. Each had ordered testing, and they wanted a genetic counselor knowledgeable about 23andMe to help them understand their reports and use the information. The women's group was in Colorado, and I'm in central Virginia, so we arranged for the presentation and discussion to take place over webcam. I shared my computer screen as we chatted, and we interacted with some of the 23andMe online reports live and in real time. 

We talked about the ever-changing list of health, trait, and wellness reports from 23andMe, reviewed DNA testing for ancestry and for matching cousins and other family, and concluded with a discussion about the raw data files and what to know about using them. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to hear what concerns different test-takers have, and it provided the group an opportunity to have a genetic counselor on hand to answer the common questions that arise with 23andMe testing. We explored a lot of issues that come into play with at-home DNA testing, and I don't think any of us wanted the conversation to end at the end of the hour.

Do you know or belong to a group community group or training program and your group might like to have me speak about 23andMe or another particular topic related to at-home genetic testing? I could happily chat about this topic for hours on end, if not days! Helping people understand the complexities of genetic testing - including the various at-home and in-clinic varieties - is my passion. I let this passion come out through stories based in real life situations involving testing. 

If you have an Internet connection and an ability to broadcast a computer desktop to a large TV or screen, you're golden. Don't have this capability where your group usually meets? Look into seeing whether a local library would allow you to reserve a conference or meeting room with AV equipment. 

Reach out to me for details on scheduling and pricing if you are interested in a webinar and Q&A session for your group. These are a great way to get the most up-to-date information to your group about the fast-changing world of direct-to-consumer genetics.