Orientation to the Watershed DNA Website


If you have come here as result of seeing the Megyn Kelly Today show segment on DNA shocks, welcome! I want to familiarize you with the Watershed DNA site so you can find the information you came here to look for. 

Across the top of the screen (or along the right hand side, if you're on a smart phone), you will find the navigation bar. It may look like a series of three lines. If you click on it, a menu of tabs will appear. 

If you're looking to join a secret FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP related to a DNA surprise you are involved in, reach out to me with a DM on Facebook -- you can find me under Brianne Kirkpatrick or Watershed DNA. Tell me about your situation, and make sure you provide the email address you have associated with Facebook so I can add you once you're approved. Double-check your email to make sure you send me the right now. Your Facebook friends can't see if you are part of a secret group.

There is a section on this website with RESOURCES you might find helpful. This section will direct you to articles, blog posts, and others sites that have support and information. It is organized by topic such as DNA surprise, adoption, counseling, and health. 

There is another section for BLOG AND NEWS. This is where I post blog posts, most of which are written by me (Brianne) and some of which are written by invited guest bloggers. I also provide updates and news related to Watershed DNA in this section.

The SERVICES section describes what I do. My main effort is to help individuals looking for support and information in a 1-on-1 setting be able to get answers to their specific questions. I do this through private consultations over secure video chat (or phone for those who don't have access to a device with camera/microphone). I also provide custom project work and educational webinars for groups and organizations, so reach out if you have an idea and want to see if we can work together on it.    

SCHEDULE WITH ME section provides my online calendar for easy scheduling - put in your time zone and my openings appear. You can sign up and pay online. As long as you're living in or travel to a US state where I'm licensed to practice, we can talk medical topics. If you're only wanting to discuss DNA stuff that is non-medical, no residency restrictions. 

On the Megyn Kelly Today show, other guests and I talked about the increasing discoveries of misattributed parentage that are taking place as a result of at-home DNA testing. We have known for a long time in the medical genetics world that this happens frequently, as it can show up in medical testing situations as well. The surge in interest in DNA tests ordered at-home means people are finding this information out from the comforts of home, oftentimes unprepared and not expecting it.  

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg for what is coming, and if you've been affected by a DNA surprise you can know you're not alone. So many people have gone or will be going through what you are now. There's no bandaid or treatment for the pain except for the passage of time, talking and sharing about it, and healing that can come after the trauma of your discovery.

I hope you find the resources on this website helpful. If you know of others I should consider adding, send them my way. 

-Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LCGC (Genetic Counselor and Founder of Watershed DNA)