Podcasts for the Genetic Counselor audience

I don’t know about you, but I love a good podcast! It gives me something to listen to in the car when driving into the city for an appointment, while out for a neighborhood stroll with my youngest, or folding my family of five’s never-ending laundry piles. This is a reason I am PUMPED that there are now FIVE podcasts in genetic counseling world that can be added to my list! Call me biased since I’ve had the great fortune to be a guest on three of them, but these recordings allow a window into the unique aspects of the work of genetic counselors. Click below to find out more about the topics and guests who have been a part of these podcasts!

The Beagle Has Landed by host Laura Hercher - https://beaglelanded.com/ - Listen to Laura and I chat last fall about various topics, including non-paternity disclosures and the impact of state licensure on my work.

DNA Today - https://dnapodcast.com/ - Kira and I chatted back before there was much in the news about genetic genealogy. My, how things change so quickly!

Grey Genetics’ Patient Stories - https://www.greygenetics.com/podcast/ - Eleanor and I covered an array of topics, but tried to focus our discussion about gifting DNA tests for holiday presents. It can be done, but should be done carefully and thoughtfully!

NSGC’s podcast - www.nsgc.org/page/podcasts - Brought to you by the National Society of Genetic Counselors, this professional issues podcast has covered topics like professional social media use, patient advocacy, and GC self-care.

GC Chat podcast - http://gcchatpodcast.libsyn.com/website - This is the newest of the bunch! The first episode went up this week! It happened to cover a topic especially relevant to much of the work I do with non-paternity/NPE situations, and the discussion provides a notable juxtaposition to the discussion about non-paternity I had with Laura Hercher last fall (in the podcast link listed above).

Genetic counseling is a broad term, and it means many different things. I’m so glad for these pioneering GC podcasters for starting what will turn into valuable repositories of experiences and discussions about the complexity of our work as GCs.

Know of another genetic counseling-related podcast I haven’t listed here that you think is great listening for genetic counselors? Please leave a comment below!