Resources for you

Need a "Genomics 101” primer?

Want to think deeper before ordering an at-home DNA test? "5 Questions to Ask Before Ordering an At-home DNA Test" 

Want to learn more about what a genetic counselor is and does? "About Genetic Counselors" 

Interested in seeing a local genetic counselor? Search for one in your area here: "Find a Genetic Counselor"

Want help getting or understanding health information from your existing ancestry DNA sample? Try Help DNA Test at

Need long-term support from a counselor or therapist? Search here:

Need more information about your results from GEDMatch's "Are Your Parents Related?" High ROH Infosheet

Need help tracking down birth family using DNA testing? Locate a genetic genealogist here: International Society of Genetic Genealogy

Did you find an unexpected close relative match or NPE through DNA testing and not sure what to do next? There's a Facebook support group for you.

Are you a 'donor' conceived person or a parent/'donor'/family? You can find additional support and information here:  

Looking for a birth parent, or a child you placed for adoption? is a search group which provides support, advice and help to adoptees and birth parents using traditional search and genetic genealogy.

To read about the experience of adoption from the perspective of adoptees please visit this compilation of blogs written by adult adoptees: