Resources for you

Need a "Genomics 101” primer?

Want to think deeper before ordering an at-home DNA test? "5 Questions to Ask Before Ordering an At-home DNA Test" 

Want to learn more about what a genetic counselor is and does? "About Genetic Counselors" 

Interested in seeing a local genetic counselor? Search for one in your area here: "Find a Genetic Counselor"

Want help getting or understanding health information from your existing ancestry DNA sample? Try Help DNA Test at

Need long-term support from a counselor or therapist? Search here:

Need more information about your results from GEDMatch's "Are Your Parents Related?" High ROH Infosheet

Need help tracking down birth family using DNA testing? Locate a genetic genealogist here: International Society of Genetic Genealogy

Are you a 'donor' conceived person or a parent/'donor'/family? You can find additional support and information here:  

Looking for a birth parent, or a child you placed for adoption? is a search group which provides support, advice and help to adoptees and birth parents using traditional search and genetic genealogy.